Nicole Hawthorne
Illustration and Character Art
25 – She / They

Nicole is a digital artist located in Portland, OR. Her focuses right now are Illustration and Character Art, but comics are also in the plan.

She’s been drawing since she was in elementary school, and working digitally for over 10 years. Her main programs include Procreate and Photoshop.

They’ve been in multiple fanzine projects as both a page and merchandise artist, and has moderated three of them, handling organization, finances, graphics, and shipping.

When she’s not drawing, Nicole works at a local comic shop, and enjoys reading comics, playing games with friends, and cuddling her two cats.

You can reach them at nicolealtdeleteart@gmail.com or find them as NicoleAltDelete around the web.


  • Persona 5 Great Days Zine (2017)
  • Persona 5 Arcana Zine (2017)
  • Sugar and Ashes: A Promare Valentines Zine (2019)
  • Fashionstuck, a Homestuck Fashion Zine (2019)
  • Firestorm: A Promare GueiMei Zine (2020)
  • Burning Repscue: A Promare Fitness Zine (2020)
  • Bitter x Sweet, an Original WLW Zine (2021)
  • Carpe Noctum, an Original Historical Vampire Zine (2021) *
  • Playing with Fire, a Promare Fashion Zine (2021)
  • Punk is Gay, an Original WLW Zine (2021)
  • Ambrosia & Ichor: A Hades Fanzine (2021)
  • Enamored: An Aphrodite Zine (2021)
  • Out of the City: A Stardew AU Zine (2021) *
  • AfterImage: A Grell Sutcliffe Fanzine (2022) *
  • Always with You: a One Piece ZoSan Zine (2022)*
  • DC LGBT+ ZINE (2022)*
  • One Piece Halloween Zine (2022)*
  • Märchenstunde, a StrawHeart Tales Zine (2022)*

* Zine in production, coming soon


Emerald City Comic Con – August 18th-21st, Seattle, WA

Kumoricon – November 11th-13th, Portland, OR