Icon Commission, 2021

What’s your turnaround time?
My turnaround time can be unpredictable and varies from project to project. At minimum please expect at least a week’s wait,with larger projects taking up to a month or more. As mentioned in my Terms of Service, this is because I have a busy life along with focus issues that make it difficult to work quickly on single projects. But fret not! I offer plenty of communication along the way to keep you updated of the status of your art.

What if I want an option that’s not listed?
Please let me know! I’m more than willing to discuss options and work together to figure out what I can make for you!

Can you draw my scifi OC?
Yes! My “will draw” specifies fantasy just because there’s a lot of popularity with it right now! But I’m open to drawing most character designs.

Can you draw Furries?
Sort of! My skills lie more in the human side of things, so the closer it is to the cat girl side of things the more sure I’ll be. That being said, if you’re unsure, just show me your design and ask!

Can you draw robots?
It depends on the robot! A humanoid design like Mettaton or Genos is totally within my skills, but something more mechanical like Bastion might be too much for me. Again, if you’re unsure, ask!

Can you draw portraits of real people?
Absolutely! As long as I have adequate references. If possible a reference of another drawing of the person, or a picrew of them helps a lot! It shows me how the person wants to be stylized, making my process smoother.

Full Body Commission, 2020
Full Body Commission, 2021

What counts as NSFW?
In this instance, my “won’t draw” refers to explicit pornographic scenes. I’m comfortable drawing pin up poses or tasteful nudity, but anything that depicts people in the act is off the table at the moment. This could change one day though, we’ll see!

Can I request changes to my commission?
Absolutely, as long as the commission isn’t finished! I try to show as much of my process as possible during production. If you see something you’d like changed, PLEASE let me know so I can fix it before it’s too late! This means pose issues need to be addressed when the sketch is sent, etc.

Do I need reference images, or can I describe my idea to you?
While reference images help me a lot, I’m totally willing to work off a description! Please make it as detailed as possible, and note I’ll be extra thorough with checking the design with you!

I have another question that isn’t mentioned here!
If you have something more detailed to ask about, please contact me through twitter, instagram, or at nicolealtdeleteart@gmail.com