Terms of Service

I take payment first, through Paypal invoices only.

Please note that prices listed are base prices and can increase depending on the complexity of your request.

I accept tips at time of invoice through paypal, or after through Ko-Fi.

I DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS ON FINISHED ARTWORK. Once any part of your commission has been worked on, you cannot get a full refund. I am open to discussing partial refunds if the commission is not finished. Please just communicate with me about your needs!

My commissions are generally open, but please do shoot a message to check if I have the availability, or to see if your piece might take a bit longer due to my schedules.

Revisions can be done any time before the commission is complete, so long as I don’t have to backtrack in my process. I’ll show you the progress at each step, so don’t make me redo the sketch when we’ve already made it to colors!

My commissions are for Personal Use Only, unless otherwise discussed. If you’re interested in hiring me to design artwork for your branding or merchandise, please know that there will be extra fees involved.

My turn around time is unpredictable. I have focus issues that make it difficult for me to finish things, which means turn around could be anywhere from a week to over a month. I’ll always keep communication up though, so if you have any questions please ask!

Will Draw:

  • TTRPG Characters
  • Lingerie / Pin Ups
  • Light Blood / Injury
  • Simple Furries

Won’t Draw:

  • Complicated Mechanical Designs
  • Porn / Fetish
  • Gore
  • Complex Anthros

If you have a concept you aren’t sure about please ask, I’m always willing to consider it and discuss what is and isn’t possible for me to do.

Stylistically speaking, I do better with more feminine designs, humanoid characters, and bright colors, but please don’t let this stop you from contacting me!

I would love to draw your OCs or Fanart for that thing you love!